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  • Culture and History

  • Core value:

    Think different, make a difference.

    Be prepared, try hard, apply passion, pay respect.


    Core competence:

    1.       A professional but young R&D team who always think out of box, but keep yesterday's culture and tradition in mind, that drives us to apply the latest technologies to innovate and produce energy efficient products that helps to pinpoint an equilibrium between 'classical' and 'contemporary'.

    2.       Professional and dedicate sales. We¡¯re committed to provide quick respond and best resolution to our customers.


          Our vision:

            LumArtec is committed to provide energy efficient lighting products to its customers for a better planet continuously.

            LumArtec is going to provide a big stage for its employees with care and inspiration.

            LumArtec is trying to develop into a leader in this industry who think and act differently.


          Our social responsibility:

          1.       To produce more quality products for the customers.

          2.       To create more job opportunities for the society.

          3.       To alleviate the environment stress by manufacturing and promote LED lighting products.


Trust in LumArtec, Make your life 'Zero to Perfect'!
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